Thursday, April 12, 2012


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    Doodle is a free schedule making site which can help students schedule a date where they can meet up with their group members during a project. The features on doodle are plenty such as being able to connect with Google calendar, which is extremely convenient because you don't need to constantly switch back and forth between your calendar! There is also a MeetMe Page. A MeetMe Page is a page where a person can have an overlook of your schedule so if they want to meet up with you, they would know when you're busy and when you're not. Doodle is a great site that could be used for U.S. History class when given a review project. This review project requires the group members to grade the Constitution in a report card format. Since this project is made for groups, doodle could be handy in this situation because you can schedule a date where you can meet up with your group members and they can answer back if they could meet on the specific date you have assigned. If not, you can reschedule, simple as that!  

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