Thursday, April 12, 2012


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     Prezi is a free presentation software that was created to make presentations more enjoyable. Instead of using a plain powerpoint where you click through tedious, boring slides, Prezi has zoomable canvas that visually captivates your audience to be more engaged with your presentation by moving from one point in your presentation into another point by zooming into it. Prezi also has other unique features which you can use to enhance your presentation such as being able to import media files from Youtube or images from Google to even being able to add a storyline to create a cinematic feel. Prezi can be used for a variety of classes such as English. I have used Prezi in my English class before for a current event project. I was able to present the article for my project in the presentation just like a powerpoint and at the same time, keep my audience interested through Prezi’s zoomable canvas feature.

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